I’m not a royalist fan by any means, and some may wonder why people are still going on about James Hewitt being potentially Prince Harry’s biological father. The problem was even before his mother admitted to an affair, people already wondered where the red hair came from. There were theories of it coming from the Scottish side from the Queen Mother and that Harry would grow out of it. That never happened, and a decade later, Diana admitted an affair with James Hewitt who is a red head, and the penny dropped. It bewildered people, but Diana being so popular and prim, no one thought there could be any other reason than genetics that stretched far back… way back. So you see there were suspicions and scratched heads when Harry was born from the start.

There are millions of children born that aren’t brought up or even have their biological father’s name, and over the centuries it has probably happened in royal circles too but there was no way to prove things. Look at the Jeremy Kyle show which thrives on paternity test reveals, and women who don’t know who the biological father of their child is. Now, there is DNA testing so it is possible, but would the royal family want that truth to come out? Theoretically, Diana was married to Charles when Harry was born, and on his birth certificate he is named as such. Legally, Charles is his father and thus gives Harry a title and a life of privilege. While he claims to have wanted to leave the royal family, he would be left with his inheritance from his mother and lose any privileges he currently enjoys. Besides this, it would damage the image of the royal family if it were to be proven Charles was not Harry’s biological father. I feel for Charles, because he did bring up his son under all this cloud of doubt, and while there is no excuse for his affair either, his was an open secret.

Don’t forget celebrities and royals have reputations and will make statements to keep that intact (politicians are elected, so they can’t fudge the truth). Hewitt says he didn’t meet Diana until after Harry was born, but then again no one knew about an affair for a decade, so are dates being fudged? The end result is that Diana by admitting to an affair to punish the family harmed her own son. One thing is for sure is that William and Harry are at least brothers, but that doesn’t mean Harry is from the royal line. I did a tarot card reading asking this question, and the card that came up was the Three of Swords. What does that mean? Well, I’ll let you read into that one.

Harry has always been let off for his less than royal antics and probably more have been covered up, so is he marrying on impulse and in haste to avenge his family? Others have used the words smitten, and infatuation and that is not love. These affairs of the heart always end up in disaster and regret. Friends of the prospective bride have called her calculating, and the fact is she left her first husband in a bid for fame and money. One must look at the facts, for centuries men have been infatuated and taken in by women for power and money, so is this another of those cases?

Regardless of what official statements are made, people will still wonder if James Hewitt is Harry’s biological father or if someone else is as the ginger never went and got stronger. The excuse now is that Diana’s family has red in the family (brother), but no one ever mentioned that when he was first born, and that was before there was any knowledge of extra marital affairs. To top it all, Diana’s own biological father was questioned as her mother too had affairs, so was she a Spencer?

In some ways it’s none of our business, but when it comes to someone living at the tax payers expense then those lines are a little blurry. Perhaps we expect too much from the royals, but when they live a life where they want for nothing and can do whatever they please and be financially supported by the people, then maybe staying faithful shouldn’t be so hard? Several members of the royal family have been divorced, so it’s not ideal but is accepted. Perhaps that’s why they allowed the marriage knowing that they can insist on a tight prenup and there is always divorce. I did a reading for that too! At least Charles knows a good divorce lawyer.


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