These days we take the internet and other technological advances for granted to communicate with one another, and to look up things, but how many do we put up with that we shouldn’t have to? Patience is not one of my strongest traits, and here are some things that I wish didn’t exist, but do, and am sure a huge percentage of the population loathe them as well, but what can we do but vent and sympathize with one another!

  1. Click and bait. Whether it’s a headline (Yahoo are the worst) or an email header, I just want to scream ‘Say what you mean for the love of God!’ People hate these vile and deceitful combination of words, so why do people carry on using them? Recently a favorite website of mine has started sending me emails with click and bait, and I can only assume they have an intern doing them who thinks it works. Anything that begins, ‘You’re not going to believe this until you open it’ or ‘Look what happened when…’ is going to disappoint. The worst thing is I have seen ads hiring people to come up with click and bait headers. I can’t imagine people will admit to that on their résumé.
  2. Spam. Before the technological revolution of cellphones and the internet, people called what we coin ‘spam’ as mailshots, and junk mail. It didn’t really matter so much when it was in the post as you could throw it out, and the envelopes were handy to scribble messages on if they were lying around. Plus it kept the postal service and the postie in business. However, spam in your inbox that clogs up your storage space on your email account or phone is annoying. I loathe it, and am grateful for the spam filters even though some genuine messages slip through. When I do occasionally check it, I feel dirty as if I am being violated with rude and crude messages, and fake messages addressing me. I just wonder why these people bother. I despise cold calling and while I understand one needs to pitch for work and new clients, spam is not messaging the way to go, ever.
  3. The options when you get an automated message. As soon as I hear the automated messages, I sigh as I have to decide on which option is best suited to me. Sometimes there isn’t one and I have to wait until they have all been listed and ‘hold’ for someone to assist me which is the idea in the first place of calling. How many times have to you had to repeat those options, or wondered what if I pick the wrong one? You see some companies have call centers around the world, and we mistakenly think all departments are in the same building (but they ought to be!). I hate the automated messages, because if you have a low battery on your phone or poor reception, you can spend ages trying to get a simple thing done, and yes, once by the time I got to the right person my battery had died.
  4. 404 Page Not found. Usually this means you have the wrong URL, the page has been deleted, or the website has gone down or has been abandoned.  It’s a pain, especially when people send incomplete links, or a site decides to take down a special offer. I would curse myself for not taking a screenshot of a voucher code that was taken down, so  I now screenshot a lot because of this. If a company needs to delete, what are they hiding? Just say the offer has ended.
  5. Pop up/under ads. I have to admit that these irritate me so much that even though you can block them, the pop unders still creep in. They are invasive and often spammy ads. To me, a decent website wouldn’t have them, yet many newspaper ones contain multiple ads. I know they need to make money but not pop ups please, or those with media that stream as soon as you open the page. I now put my volume on silent just in case, but then wonder why the page is loading so slowly and find several flashing ads streaming on the page.
  6. Reality shows. There are so many now that you can’t really go a day without one being in the gossip columns, and these reality stars are what keeps these magazines afloat. The shows are cheap to make as people are desperate for stardom (and get paid peanuts), and the audience is guaranteed as long as there are pretty people with scandals. The problem is that the shows are manipulated reality, where people are caught doing silly and foolish things in the name of entertainment. I can’t see why it would be entertaining to watch people make mistakes live and forever enshrined on film. One of my friends was one such person, and I fear she will never really shake off the public perceptions of her as she got involved in  a few romantic tangles for the world to see.
  7. Trolls (bullies, and those that aren’t so bright). They are the bane of society; they have too much time, are billy no mates, and it’s the only way they get anyone to notice them. Trolls are bullies in waiting as they feel they have a right to attack others without just cause. They don’t, and the worst is on Facebook as no one can monitor them. You have to block them instead or delete their posts. I do try and ignore them, but they seem to be breeding like rabbits high on weed.
  8. People who cross the road/or walk aimlessly while looking at their phones. As my brother would say, they deserve to get run over. I’m not that cruel, but they are the cause of accidents and yes, if they did get run over, they should pay the driver for any damage to the car. Why? They don’t have the right of way when they aren’t looking where they are going. I hate it when I am walking down the street and someone stops to text and they feel they have that right, or they when people cross a road while texting. It’s stupid and dangerous. I’m surprised that more people haven’t died from this. Drivers shouldn’t text when they are driving and neither should pedestrians if they can’t look up and see where they are going.
  9. Scam/cold calls from Indian call centers. While some people still fall for these scammers, with caller ID it’s a little harder for these scammers to operate. However, since BT allowed people to buy and use numbers that can hide where they are located, it has become a bit of a minefield again. Being woken up at 8 a.m. with a call that has a pause followed by a greeting of ‘Good afternoon’ you know it’s scam, especially when they say there is a problem with your internet when you don’t have it. There was a time I would be polite, but they woke me up, wanted to scam me, and yes, I just hang up now. The worst is when they asked for me by name and I pretended I had died, and they went on to ask if anyone was interested in what they were selling.
  10. Hackers. Now there are ethical hackers (white hats) and those who steal information and either sell it, or blackmail people with what they have (black hats). The white hats do this to help expose vulnerabilities, while the black hats illegal activities are aimed at destroying and harming. I would include whistleblowers here, because everyone has a right to privacy. Let’s face it who hasn’t written an email in anger or to vent? Having it shared without permission isn’t ethical, nor is the sharing of classified and confidential information. I don’t feel the excuse some hackers come out with is acceptable, especially those who say they just wanted to see if they could do it, and others who say they think it’s in the public interest. There are proper channels for this after all, and if you let one off the hook it sends a message that hacking is okay, and it’s not—it’s illegal. Dangerous actions costs lives!

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