I mean the television show and not the city (town really) north of Boston. The last four episodes will be shown in the New Year, and while some of it is fantasy and far fetched, the fact they have used the real names of some people as characters has been controversial to say the least. I honestly didn’t think the show should have lasted more than two seasons, but watched the third (and last) out of curiosity to see where the writers were taking the plots. No one should be disappointed or surprised in it ending, because it was inevitable, and while I enjoyed some parts of the show, there were too many elements that I could never accept or get a grasp of.

  • The accents ~ What I found annoying is that nearly everyone had an English accent or a version of a New England accent except for the odd child actor and one of the main characters, John Alden who spoke in a Southern twang. It just lacked credibility and consistency, as in those days people had all arrived from England and would be using an English accent.
  • The characters bore no resemblance to their namesakes ~ People need to remember that the characters don’t depict the real life characters back then with the exception of maybe Rebecca Nurse (but she was old in real life when she was hanged). Cotton Mather was no hero, but one who tried to gain favor and power by spreading fear; Mary Sibley was in fact the one who could have been responsible for the Witch hysteria when she told Tituba how to bake a witch cake (she was the sister-in-law of Samuel Parris), John Hathorne was a rogue, and Mercy Lewis was very simple.
  • The set and costumes were good ~ However, trying to recreate Salem back then was never going to be easy, and the costumes were too elaborate for a Puritan colony. Nice, but unrealistic. The woods were realistic, and many of the woods still look like that in Salem.
  • Historically, some things were accurate and others were not, but the witch rituals are fantasy. One thing that was true was the role religion and fear played in the community. People did listen to what was said, and believed it. People were easily brainwashed with religion, now they are brainwashed with social media.

I’m not sure how the show will end—will the devil take over the world? Will Tituba change sides again, and how can John Alden save them? I struggle to find a favorite character; Anne is annoying and stupid; Cotton is a weak alcoholic, but he did love Gloriana and try to save her; Tituba, I like her ability to survive, but I would never trust her, and I don’t see the point of Isaac or Mercy in season three at all.

I actually used to live in Salem, and it still milks the reputation or rather infamy of it from the Witch Trials. Can there be a happy ending? Theoretically Tituba and Mary are dead (magic has given them life again), and if the devil is playing chess with God, then why isn’t he doing anything? How many more times can John Alden get shot and stabbed and not die, and why does he walk into a clean home each time he comes back from an adventure?

Ultimately it is a love story of John and Mary, and Cotton and Gloriana to a lesser extent in that love can conquer all. Maybe it’s all a dream and Mary wakes up after giving birth, and John returns from war to find Mary dying from childbirth? To be honest it was getting a little silly with the devil wanting to marry his mother, Isaac trying to kill Mercy, and Anne who doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. Surely the residents of Salem must be wondering who this young boy is and where had he been all this time? Maybe they are oblivious to it all, and I don’t think much as changed—Salem is as corrupt today as it was then, and that’s from experience. I want a happy ending, and even though I despised Cotton Mather in real life, he appears to be the only one who knows what is going on in the show! I want to see him find Gloriana and for her to tell him what Anne did. Will the hero and heroine save Salem and the world? Maybe this is prophetic of what is happening in the USA now? Perhaps it will all end with the devil taking over?


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