It would be unfair to tag a whole nation of immigrants based on the outcome of the vote for President, but I’m afraid it’s how the rest of the world views and judges Americans on their beliefs and standards. A President typically embodies and echoes the morals and standards of the people, and is a person that is looked up to; that parents use as a model figure for their children to aspire to. I doubt that many will use Trump as a model citizen, but while some Americans admit that the world is laughing at them (yes, they are correct) others are crossing their fingers and everything else and suddenly praying that their vote for change was not an arrogant mistake on their part. The world is praying with you. I saw a meme declaring ‘good luck’ from the people of Germany (#BeenThereDoneThat).

  1. Not many people understand what the Electoral College does ~ It’s slightly worrying that the majority of the electorate had no idea what the Electoral College does, and people have called for it to be scrapped. That’s nigh on improbable as it will take an Amendment to repeal the Amendment in the Constitution that outlines the electoral procedure. However, it was implemented as a means to ensure there was an impartial body to vote for the President as well as giving the people a say. Sadly since only 20 states allow electors to vote without being bound to the popular vote, the other 30 electoral states that bind the electors have effectively voided the legitimacy of the Electoral College. Ideally, states should not bind any votes, and is theoretically unconstitutional.
  2. Conservatives say they aren’t racist ~ Republican supporters are pretty rude and hostile towards Liberals and call them cry babies, whiners, moaners when they are merely expressing their opinions. It’s a little hard not to see them as racist when the KKK officially endorses Trump and members campaigned for him.
  3. Liberals call Trump supporters stupid and deluded ~ Not all Republicans though, because a few have come out opposing Trump. They may not all be stupid, but could have been brainwashed.
  4. 25% of the electorate have mental health issues ~ That is 25% of the electorate that registered and bothered to vote. It’s hard for the world to understand how any sane person would vote for a renowned con man and fraudster to govern their country and to represent them. Clearly they need help, but maybe they don’t have healthcare, oh, but once the Affordable Care Act gets repealed then more people won’t have access to healthcare, so the insanity continues.
  5. Gary Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo was and people still voted for him ~ Well, it’s only the headline news where millions of people have been killed and where refugees are from. It appears people voted for him not because they thought he would be a good President or would win, but purely because they hated the other candidates and wanted to say they had voted. Why make a non-vote to ease the conscience?
  6. Americans believe what they read on social media ~ Social media is a means of expression, and a place to say what your think as well as being a medium to convey facts. The problem is many people cannot differentiate between them.
  7. The Mexican Wall ~ This was a standing joke, and no, there will be no wall, and no the Mexicans aren’t paying for it either. I recall chants of people supporting the wall. They were fools to believe it was ever going to get built.
  8. Immigration, illegals, or Muslims? ~ Whom do the Americans want to keep out? It seems everyone; they don’t want anyone but Americans living and working there, but they have a Green Card Lottery that allows people to apply and to become automatic citizens, and most of these people aren’t really qualified either as it’s a lottery as long as they have the right ethnic minority background. The thing is all Americans are immigrants, except for the Native Americans who were already there.
  9. Americans are afraid of recounts ~ Jill Stein spearheaded a campaign to ask for recounts in states that did not tally with predicted outcomes, which were then blocked. Why were Americans afraid to admit there may have been fraudulent votes? A recount would prove that the electoral process was working, whereas people only block things when there is something to hide. Why bother having a state law allowing a recount and then to change it when someone wishes to apply that law?
  10. The F.B.I., C.I.A., and D.N.I., all agree there is evidence of foreign interference in the election ~ Even Republicans in Congress agree there is evidence to support this. The only people who don’t believe this are Trump supporters and Trump himself. There have been major cyber hacking incidents already, and it’s not improbable or unlikely given that hackers chose to only reveal the Democrats emails and not the Republican ones that had been hacked. Most hackers do it to prove they can hack anything rather than to make a political statement. American systems can be hacked!

Americans don’t have it as bad as they think, which they will soon discover the hard way. Meanwhile, it’s hard to look to America and its citizens without derision, but as a laughing stock. It happened in Italy with Berlusconi, and it was a matter of gathering evidence to impeach him. Many believe this is the case with Trump. Now, if only those former students who stupidly signed up to Trump University didn’t settle, then Trump would not have been eligible for office. However, the mere fact they were silly enough to sign up for a non-accredited institution says it all.

There are a few patriots that have been trying to save the country from what is an inevitable downfall, but then again, that is the role of Congress. In ye old days anyone in the way would get murdered, these days they just get paid off by selling their soul to the devil…


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