Life isn’t always easy, but we put up with things or make the best of what we can’t do anything about. We all have our pet peeves, and grin and bear them otherwise we would be screaming each and everyday. I’m sure most of you can empathize with some of my grrr moments.

  1. Writing an email, when your computer crashes and it didn’t save.   I now have an propensity to over save constantly or opt to write shorter emails in case of a crash. Auto-save can’t be relied upon, but has salvaged some emails, but saving a draft is so much safer and then adding to it later. Over saving may sound a little OCD, but is much better for your sanity in the long run. If it’s important pen and paper is always safer or at least to draft key points.
  2. Trying to open a child proof container, failing and then trying with pliers and any other sharp tool.  Childproof can also mean adultproof if you have long nails. This results in my leaving bleach bottles half open so I don’t have to break a nail or cause any other injury from using a pair of scissors to pry a cap open. I use rubber gloves to depress and sharply turn the cap, and it’s a mission at times and once I hear that click, I’m so relieved. Yes, I have a few unopened bottles lying around because no one can open them, and I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone.
  3. Attempting to open the new pump dispenser on your hand wash bottle and breaking it instead.  Maybe I’m too heavy handed, but I follow the directions on the bottle, only for them to fail me. Backup plan: decant into the old bottle, so don’t throw it away until the the new pump is working.
  4. The ink in your pen running out or dries up At the worst possible time. I use gel pens most of the time or a ballpoint, but why oh why at the crucial point when you need to write down a thought or sign your name does the ink dry up or run out? Shaking, licking, or scribbling furiously to get the ink working again sometimes works (but only for a few seconds), but the only way to solve this crisis is to have several pens to hand.
  5. Being unable to open a plastic bag at the checkout. I understand they are vacuum wrapped, but when you need to open the top of the bag and the cashier is speedily piling up your shopping it doesn’t help. No amount of rubbing or trying to find an edge works, and everyone stares at you in sympathy and are glad it’s not happening to them. If there was ever a reason for bringing your own bags, this is one besides recycling of course.
  6. Having an important conversation on your cellphone when the reception drops. Sadly, this happens more in rural areas, but the fact it happens also means it’s an excellent excuse to end a call that you don’t want to have. I’ve used this on many an ex-boyfriend when they were whining about something or making some excessive demand on my time. On the flip side it’s annoying when it’s a call you need to make as you hold your phone in the air desperately searching for a signal.
  7. Going to the bathroom to find there is no toilet roll left. I do get annoyed at this, but I always carry my own pocket pack of tissues just in case, in public, and at home I bulk buy rolls. Men don’t care so much, but for women it’s crucial. Never be the one to use the last of the roll, and check there is a roll before you go!
  8. Getting caught in the rain with no umbrella, and trying to look as if you aren’t bothered.  Being British born, one thing you do learn is carry an umbrella with you at all times. However, there are times when you accidentally leave a wet umbrella on the bus, or the wind is so strong it blows away or inside out rendering it useless. In the end you carry on walking briskly unaffected and with your head held high, while getting drenched. It’s only water after all…
  9. Finding a Buy one get of free offer, ONLY to find there is only one item left. I love a good offer, but nothing is worse than to find you have missed out and there is only on item left with a BOGOF, or the only items left are damaged or been opened. Grrr…why do selfish people do that?
  10. Wanting to tell a FELLOW passenger to turn their music down by throwing them Paddington Bear stares. I’ve been told I have an excellent Paddington Bear stare (a disapproving long and hard stare), and on most occasions it works, but why don’t people realize that others can hear their music through their headphones? If you have your music on loud and multiple passengers glance at you there’s a pretty good chance everyone can hear your choice of music. Please turn down the volume or invest in earbuds which are less intrusive. Thank you in advance!

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