Once I am back over the pond, I do miss some American foods that I acquired a taste for. Whether you consider them healthy or not is another matter, but I enjoyed them and hanker for them when I am not stateside. These are the foods I look forward to upon my return that I can’t get here in the UK, well not just yet.

  1. Spinach Bagels, or in New York, Pretzel Bagels. Bagels are much bigger in the US than in the UK, and do taste better. An Everything Bagel is a good substitute if I can’t find either of the above, and is great with some soup, or with a garden burger.
  2. Sweetcorn Chowder is my favorite, usually a cup because they are so big, or a cup of New England Vegetable Chowder is what I used to have for lunch or a midnight snack. With a sprinkling of croutons, it’s perfect for any time of day or the year.
  3. Cheetos, I miss dearly, and while they do have them in the UK they are not the same, I repeat; they are not real Cheetos. In the UK we have wotsits, which are cheesy puffs, but smaller. The Cheetos in the UK are thinner and shorter and are less cheesy, but I don’t know why. They are not real Cheetos because after eating a pack my fingers would be orange in the US, and here in the UK there isn’t even a hint of orange on my eager fingertips.
  4. Boxed macaroni cheese. This handy cupboard staple has seen me through some tough times. I like Kraft, but found the generic brands in the supermarkets were as good. I would add some fake bacon or some spinach to make it more of a meal, and added more butter to make it creamier.
  5. Pepperidge Farm Cookies. In particular Double Chocolate Milano, or Plain Chocolate Milano cookies. There is no substitution and nothing comes close. Perfect as an anytime pick me up, tea time treat, morning brain booster, or when I have writer’s block.
  6. Cedar’s Artichoke Spinach Hommus. I would always have a tub in the fridge and was great for dips or to hold my sandwiches or wraps together at lunchtime. The sound of two vegetables does make it sound healthier, and that is what I will continue to believe.
  7. Tofurky Hickory Smoked Deli Slices. When I first tried these I only used them cold, then I added them to a grilled cheese and they tasted even better. What was great is that they had just enough flavor, and I could eat them hot or cold when I needed a protein kick.
  8. Walgreen’s Nice Banana Nut Bread. I was convinced this was a healthy snack; it tasted good and was only a dollar. It was either that or a pack of chips, and often I would have both in my hand and wander around the store. The use of the word banana made me feel it was a better choice over a pack of corn chips.
  9. Funyuns. I’ve loved these for decades and is my guilty little secret. I eat them alone when no one else is around, and yes, it’s a family sized bag.
  10. Snyder’s Honey and Mustard Pretzel Bites. My brother is actually responsible for me getting hooked on these, but there is a cheaper option in Trader Joe’s that tastes as good at a fraction of the price.

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