I once contemplated taking time out in a Buddhist nunnery to find myself and get away from the rat race. I read the rules: No sex, alcohol, caffeine, or chocolate. The first three I could survive without for a while, but the thought of no chocolate was too much, and was the deciding factor that it wasn’t right for me.

America has a poor reputation for chocolate; whenever I go I always take a supply of my favorite bars—as much as I can fit into my luggage, and when I run out it becomes an expensive habit of finding imported chocolate. However, drugstores frequently have specials on Godiva and Lindt chocolate, and with my loyalty card discounts I can justify my luxury chocolate consumption. The recent ban of UK imported chocolate to the US from Cadbury’s (Kraft) only goes to prove US chocolate is inferior. I have even contemplated buying an extra luggage allowance just for chocolate, although I am aware I’m bordering on eccentricity here. Sadly, since Kraft took over Cadbury’s, even UK Cadbury’s has suffered with smaller bars and the chocolate does taste different—less creamy and with a bitter aftertaste. Since I have not yet found suitable replacements, a bar has made the list, but as a chocoholic, Cadbury’s you cannot fool me.

A word of warning, Marks and Spencer bars won’t be easy to find, but over the years they have had gourmet chocolate bars with praline and ganache. If you do happen to chance upon them, they are worth paying for the sheer indulgence as they melt into your taste buds, and it will be hard not to get addicted to them. These are my current favorites, but as an open-minded chocoholic, I am always on the look out for new bars, although I am attempting a few sugar free days per week…

  1. Galaxy Ripple: Simply a creamy and delicious chocolate bar made up of flaky layers of chocolate, encased in chocolate that makes it easier and less messy to eat.
  2. Nestlé Toffee Crisp: Although I’m not a fan of rice crispies, I do like the combination of rice crispies covered in chocolate with a top layer of toffee. I hate the orange wrapper, but it’s what inside that matters. This is also a favorite of David Beckham.
  3. Marks and Spencer Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar: This is a decadent bar and not one you share with just anyone. The chocolate is creamy and light. There are versions with praline fillings, and these are ones you should eat alone. I do, because it’s expensive and I’ll only share with someone who appreciates good chocolate.
  4. Cadbury’s Flake: I’ve loved this since a child and always wanted to be ‘Flake Girl’ in the iconic adverts. They have stopped them now, maybe as they thought they were sexist, but they were liberating really. It can be messy to eat, as the flake will crumble, but the best part is emptying the leftover flakes into your mouth by tapping the wrapper into your mouth directly. It’s not very ladylike, so do it alone, but otherwise you waste so much chocolate.
  5. Terry’s Chocolate Orange: This is a childhood favorite—tapping the orange and having a chocolate orange slice. When they introduced bars I was very happy, although they do seem to have gotten smaller recently.
  6. Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate: I was ecstatic when I friend of mine was managing a Lindor promotional tour and gave me a bag full of chocolate truffles. Generally this is my back up chocolate when I am abroad as I know they won’t change the recipe. The little red balls have saved me many a time when I needed a fix.
  7. Godiva Dark Chocolate Ganache Bar: This is a luxury item for me, and I do treasure each mouthful. Perfection is every sense, and if you have never tried it, once you have, chocolate will never be the same again.
  8. Nestlé Aero: This comes in various formats, but I like the block bar and the single chunky bar. I don’t like the ones with flavors, just the plain milk chocolate version. The bubbles melt in your mouth as you eat a chunk.
  9. Nestlé Dairy Crunch: In the US I tend to eat this frequently as it’s more readily available and is on special most of the time. It’s a simple bar of chocolate with rice crispies in it. I’m happy to say the UK and US versions taste the same.
  10. Nestlé Kit Kat (Dark): I only like the foil wrapped version, as the ones in a plastic wrapper just don’t taste the same. I still like the milk chocolate version, but the dark chocolate version is better, and in the US it tastes better then the milk chocolate counterpart.

Recently I have been trying other bars and Aldi have an excellent range. I do like Green & Black’s although they did sell out to Cadbury’s. I am aware of the ethical implications of where our chocolate comes from, and I do support Fairtrade, but this is up to the companies to implement too. The truth is can be ever know 100% where any of our products come from unless they are from our own garden?


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